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Disease as the human beings starts aging


As the human body ages many of the problems starts appearing in the body. The reason behind it is mainly, as a human being born the body is his or her body starts developing with functions that they perform. On the other hand as the age increases and the baby reaches the teen ages, the body starts becoming very much functional also and after sometime when they reach the adult age the body and also the internal organs of the body are most functional at that time. The organs present inside the human body does a lot of the functions which are very much important for the survival of the human beings. And as the body reaches the age of around 50 the degradation stage of the body starts. They start feeling the old age characteristics as the internal organs and the cells reduces there working capabilities. The metabolism, which is the main function of the body which gives ATP or the energy to the body starts occurring in a very much slow way. Thus it is seen in the elderly peoples that they get easily fatigued after doing a full day’s work which previously when they were young does not felt like. Thus it is a very much natural process that every human being born in this earth has to go through.
The disease

Aging also invites a lot problems in the human body too. The problems can be called as the diseases. As body gets very much week the immune system of the body also very much vulnerable as their functional capabilities reduces lot. Thus the human beings faces a lot of infections and other problems. A simple weather change can cause tremendous fever and the cough in a human being, which can lead to pneumonia as well. Arthritis is another problem that is most common in this time period and also seen very much. In a society you can find that in 2 out of 5 houses the peoples are very much affected with the disease of arthritis. This disease is very much common for both the males and the females as well. In this disease the joints of the body starts paining and also starts degenerating. As with time the bone cells regeneration has been stopped, which additionally aggravates the diseased condition. Thus the patients find it very difficult to move and do the day to life’s work. In some case the effect of the disease is so much that it even makes the body very much clogged up as well.
Arthritis and its additional problems

Arthritis is not a single disease. Rather it is a combination of other disease. Along with that it also invites other problems also in the body which aggravates the condition of the disease as well.
Medicines and Treatment

Medicines are not of much value for the cure of the disease as with old age the effect of the medicine to the body also reduces because of the reduction in the absorption capability of the body.

You will find many doctor for orthopedic in India in every cities. They always prescribe to be eat healthy and also to be healthy by doing regular exercises.

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