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The Best Wedding Favor Ideas in 2019!

Are you getting married in just a few months? If you are, then, it must be really difficult for you to not day dream of the enchanted feeling of your own La La Land that greets and looks your way and all you need is a patch of lavender skies and vanilla dreams and there you are, as dreamy as anyone in love might be! Dreams apart, lots of work looking you way and the pile is too heavy to move, and you might feel hapless and feverish, not knowing where to start? Well, if I were you, I would simply start the arrangements by opting for the best custom wedding favor boxes!  Have you always wanted to look the dreamiest bride on earth, walking down the prettiest aisles as you are showered with blissful prayers and hopes while you start the most special chapter of your life?  And whilst the sun shines, it’s time to make hay, frolic and obviously, marry! Do you feel like the starry-eyed bride-to- be character Amanda Seyfried played in Mamma Mia, waiting for your big, fat, Greek wedding this year that might be probably the best one in town? And, if you are a guy reading this wedding favor blog out there, you would probably aspire to make use of the most unique impressions for your special day!

 Well, it is not just the movie characters who are blessed enough to conjure a dream wedding and to make your own fairytale come alive, simply scoop around for the most innovatively creative ideas that would be used as wedding favors this year, 2019. It is quite a bit of mind-boggling, brainstorming work, but I’d rather daresay, it’s worth the hard efforts.  And to find the best ones, I literally combed the Pinterest and other apps pinned on the Google, finding my favorite wedding bundles of love and remembrance. I talked to the French designers who had come to explore the best options for my rustic themed wedding in Tuscany and I insisted to be a part of the quintessential team, despite all their patent goodness, I actually wanted to choose and design the marvelous paradigms of my wedding all by myself. I loved to recreate a very medieval, nostalgic and yet the most charming feel of the exquisite wedding affair and its florid backdrops, sprinkling patches of magic and sewing spells to the festive charisma. Chris, my beau helped me a bit, too, and here is what we found, after days and nights of surfing the Google bombastically.

1.        Use the Most Sublime Bevy of Shades

I loved how exquisitely wedding favors were used as pristinely shaped boxes and to beautify the feeling, they were tied up with a fairy dust ribbon, a flower and a notable thankyou tag. One can always present them on antiquated themed silver and rose gold platters and delight your guests with the most awe-inspiring feeling of your amiability.

2.       Tie them with a vintage key!

You can always tie up the ivory colored boxes with organza or satin ribbons, an idyllic wedding tag and a lovely Alice in the Wonderland kind of magical key and unlock the way to a glittering journey of love and togetherness.

3.      Impart the Grandma’s touch of love

Impart a pristine touch to your wedding coffee favors as if they were laced and bundled by your sweet Grandma. Festoon the favors with a bit of lace, a luxuriantly knitted piece of ivory macramé and make them look ethereal.

4.      Use the good, old hatboxes

One can always use the good, old hat boxes to weave the very nostalgic feeling of an old world wedding to your big day. Tie the hat boxes with a sprig and a pastel ribbon and let your guests marvel at your brilliance!

5.      Play the Tinkerbell!

Tie up the wedding favors with antiquely shaped bells that would peal and tinkle merrily to croon and cajole on the most special day of your life!

6.      Drape them quaintly

Do you wish to serve the most deliciously packed jam and cookies on your wedding day? Use wisps of old muslin cloth and accentuate the handmade wedding favors with the quaintest, faraway feeling. Tie them up with cute, hand sketched note, a tawdry wooden spoon and choose a heartwarming message. I loved this photo lying on the Pinterest, as it was used as a wedding favor idea to design the goody boxes for the big, big day.

7.      The Florid Styled Boxes

If you have a minimalist sense of fashion, then, simply get a handmade sketch of leaves, trees and floral petals on plain white boxes and tie them up with a sleek, black ribbon! This wedding favor looks elegant and humble in its own stride!

Hope you enjoyed the blog and very soon, you would try these precious ideas one by one!


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